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Virtual reality, meaning a world created by a machine is basically one of the most alluring things happening in the tech world nowadays. It is basically a computer simulated environment which replicates the physical environment and can also generate seemingly real sensory cues to function similarly as they do in the real world. Virtual reality is currently one of the most highly developing facets of computer technology. Most of the games work on the principle of virtual reality and they are often met with great enthusiasm by the upcoming generation. This is why we can say that virtual reality may slowly blend itself well into the future generations, and become a reality more prominent than the present one.

The Usher of the age of virtual reality-

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Man has always tried to replicate this reality which confines him. Therefore the possibility of developing a virtual reality medium has always been prominent in our minds. With virtual reality surfacing, there is little doubt that we have been successfully able to execute this plan. Needless to say the scope for improvement in the area of virtual reality has always been very promising. They didn’t always start by engaging our senses to this extent. Slowly, as things progressed, man has been able to make virtual reality one of the most engrossing things that we’re yet to fully comprehend.

There is this quality of getting into an altered state into a different world within our existing world, which virtual reality provides. With a totally computer generated world, the experience of virtual reality is completely organic.

Even though the idea had existed for centuries, the truth is that the possibility of a virtual reality in the way which we know now was not even thought of a couple of decades back. The idea then was simply watching something on screen endlessly. This engaged only our visuals sensory organ, but nowadays virtual reality (let’s just say VR from now), has the capability of engaging senses, such as touch, smell and hearing as well.

The most prominent discovery in the VR field took place between the 80s and the 90s when there was an usher of computers and the VR enthusiasts were eagerly waiting to see how it turns out. Since then, we have progressed in leaps and bounds in this field and there has been no looking back.

How would VR look like in the future?

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What are we talking about when we say virtual reality in the future? Buckle up your seatbelts for this one. So when we talk with our friends online, we face time with them and can see their 2D picture. But with the help of VR, say if you’re sitting in your home in England and your friend in India can have a chat – seeming as you are right in front of them on their couch. This revolutionary invention can change the way we communicate forever, and distances and barriers will mean nothing in the future if this technology finds its place right.

This is why when 19 year old Palmer Luckey launched his visionary VR campaign on Kickstarter in 2012 he threw Google, Facebook, Samsung, Sony and Intel into an arms race. He redefined the VR experience for the 21st century and gained an unexpected 2.5 million dollars for the project. This further threw all the companies, especially Mark Zuckerberg, into a thoughtful state, and he acquired Oculus for a whopping 2.2 billion dollars, and took the first giant step into the VR industry.

Since then all the world’s investments have been flowing into the VR industry. Some analysts have even gone on to predict that the VR industry will generate as much as 30 billion dollars in the near future by 2020.

Is VR good for you?

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Let’s face it; man has not really been an expert in dealing with this reality at all times. Will we ever become masters of the VR world? More importantly, will its implications be good for our mental and emotional health? As the technical aspects of this world progress, we might need to take a long look into the further implications and aspects of this new form of reality.

So what the major disadvantages of this reality are:

  • Virtual reality might be a little expensive
  • It might be a little complex

The advantages of VR:

  • It enables you to explore more than the mundane
  • Education can become easier with VR
  • You get to experiment with an artificial environment
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Possible areas of everyday life where VR can be applied for the benefit are:

  • In medical schools to give students a real experience of body structure
  • Military training camps
  • Driving schools to give a real experience of roadside traffic
  • To give a more vivid experience of movies

Which are the hottest VR headsets to watch out for–

So as you can see, VR is one of the most progressive things you will get to entertain yourself with. It might even take over all the facilities in the future, who knows? But till that time comes, you can familiarize yourself more with the VR by playing more games and for the best gaming experience in VR, you will require the best headsets.

Some of the best VR headsets in the market today are:

  1. HTC Vive: It works on a refresh rate of 90 Hertz. Packed with a 360 degree head turning system, the HTC Vive will remind you a lot of the Oculus Bay’s crescent Red. It has the context aware controller technology so that you can easily shoot, interact and shift places in your VR world. It is believed to give you freedom to move around in a space of 15 feet X 15 feet, so the users can walk while wearing it and are not just limited to turning heads. It is able to do so with the help of embedded photosensors so that users do not bump into any walls or other obstacles.
  2. Microsoft HoloLens: The Microsoft HoloLens has created quite a buzz when it first came into the market. Needless to say, it was one of the most futuristic inventions which took everyone by surprise. Unlike other headsets, the Microsoft HoloLens is augmented half in the real world, and half in the virtual world. So this means that you will see the elements of the real world, but in the form of holographic virtual images. So suppose you are looking at your kitchen table, you can simulate your Minecraft world right there. Or say you are in your bathroom, but are actually walking on the surface of Mars through your lens. Sounds awesome, right?
  3. Google Cardboard: Google’s Cardboard may remind you of those good old days when you could strap a piece of cardboard around your eyes and pretend you are someone from another world. Thankfully, this version of VR headset is pretty realistic and low cost. If you want to experience the VR in a low cost but good quality, you can get a hold of this product from Google.
  4. Razer OSVR: Razer OSVR is one of the headsets which can give a stiff competition to the likes of Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, but until 2016, that is not happening. Plus, you may get to see more of this gaming headset as the years pass by. Till now it has only created a buzz for being one of the cheaper VR headsets.
  5. Carl Zeiss VR One: Carl Zeiss VR One uses the mobile phone as the display just like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. It is undoubtedly one of the best VR headsets, supporting both the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy smartphone. You will need to specify which one you are going to pair it with when you buy it though. The price of this headset is only 93 Euros– half that of the Samsung Galaxy Gear.
  6. Avegant Glyph: The gamers are well aware of this one, as technically this one isn’t exactly a VR headset, but more like a visor which you can wear to give a length to your VR. The best thing about this headset is that it is compatible with anything that has a visual display. So this means it is not just compatible with your mobile phone but also your desktop and your gaming consoles – which is why we said the gamers are already aware of it. This is a high quality headset, which plays your visuals in retina display. The only other distinct feature of this headset is that you can still see other things in the real world while wearing this headset and being on your virtual reality tour. So you can basically just grab a coffee or eat your lunch while being on your virtual reality setting wearing this headset.
  7. FOVE Eye tracking VR: This one is recommended for its futuristic vision. Up until now virtual reality had been in control via the interface, but FOVE believes that the future of virtual reality is tracking the movement of your eyes so that you can take the next step with your mind itself. Imagine that! Experts who have already tried out the headsets from this prototype have said that you can shoot down alien spaceships just by looking at them with this headset. Now, isn’t that amazing or what?
  8. Sony Morpheus: Any mention of virtual reality would be incomplete without the mention of Sony’s Morpheus – the giant that has a 120Hz refresh rate and works perfectly with all consoles.

Needless to say virtual reality is here to stay and change our future, just the way mobile devices and the internet forever changed our world. Please share your thoughts on VR in the comment section below.

Also enjoy these handpicked videos to know more about Virtual Reality and how it can change our world-

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