Turning Technology into Your Number One Employee

There is no longer doubt that technology is the future of modern business. Generation Y, which is quickly becoming one of the most important target audiences, is literally addicted to both the internet and their smartphones. This means that they are far more likely to order food via an application rather than doing so with a phone call or by going there in person. Also, they will probably order an item they want via Amazon rather than going to the store and waiting in line. These two things, however, are no more than a tip of the iceberg. Here is why technology will quickly become the number one employee in every company out there.

Mobile technology

A New Business Model

In the past, everything was about grandeur. The greatest corporations had magnificent skyscrapers downtown and banks were situated in the largest, most ornate buildings in the city. Today, however, a multimillion dollar company can be represented by several teenagers in a garage. Does this mean that the world of modern business has deteriorated or improved? Well, seeing how long it took those major conglomerates to fall during the last crisis, things are not necessarily made worse. The world of business is definitely moving forward and the first indicator of this is the fact that people in the leading roles are getting younger by the hour. The recent statistic claims that already 9 percent of businesses are owned by people under 35 years, while 25 percent more is owned by people from 35 to 45.

Real Estate Revolution

One of the lines of work that have thrived the most due to this rapid technological advancement is the real estate industry. In a conversation with people from Flip2Freedom, it came to our attention that real estate agents can now stream property visitations via their phones. To be more exact, Sean Terry from the aforementioned firm is available on Periscope. He says: “Perisocpe is the BEST up close and personal interaction tool I’ve ever seen for educators to connect with their audience”. What this means is that, for education purposes, people interested in real estate and flipping can now access more easily influential entrepreneurs and connect with them. This is just the beginning since, with the arrival of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, real estate agents could even use VR. Needless to say, these devices open up a lot of new and exciting options.

Man amazed by VR technology

Easier Management and Recruitment

With the help from various platforms and apps, it is much easier to manage a business than it was just a decade ago. For example, apps like ActiveCollab! can help a manager deal with group projects with much greater efficiency. Asana is incredible for coordination between management, customers and employees, while any to-do list app can be used to govern your company’s schedule. Nevertheless, management is not the only thing that has improved with technology. With the existence of social networks like LinkedIn, it is much easier to scout for talent and recruit them if you see fit.

A woman using an app while working

Security System

Last, but not the least important, with smart security system consisting of cameras and alarms you can control from your smartphone, there you no longer need to outsource your company’s security. The best thing about this system is that it can be DIY installed and used for various purposes. Sure, it is great against burglary, but this is not everything one might want to protect themselves from. Even though it may sound a bit silly to some, industrial espionage is a real thing and you don’t want someone else to duplicate your products. In this way, you can almost ensure that this doesn’t happen.


As you can see, technology has opened the door for all those with great ideas and limited funds. This has forever changed the world of modern business as we know it. There is a saying that God has made a man, but Samuel Colt has made them equal. Well, in this light, these tech innovations can be considered Sam Colt of the business world.

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