TOP 5 Tech Gadgets of 2015 You Would Love To Buy

With each New Year comes new and more advanced technology and gadgets. 2015 is an exceptional year that has seen the emergence of new tech devices for the awe and amazement of many. Most of the gadgets that have become popular this year are wearables as technology is becoming more convenient and invisible with time. Here is a list of the top 5 tech gadgets of 2015 you would definitely love to buy:

The apple watch

Topping our list is the undeniably gorgeous apple watch. The hype about this gadget may after all be justified because this device does not disappoint. The watch is not just any typical watch except for the appearance. This device connects to your iPhone (5 and above) via Bluetooth to help it perform functions such as calls and texts. The watch comes in 3 different variations; Apple watch, Apple watch edition and Apple watch sport all to fit a customer’s suitability.

The Upright device


Another wearable tech device that is a must have this year is the Upright device. This relatively small gadget is like no other body trainers out there. It works on an interesting mechanism by vibrating every time your posture is not upright. It is attached at the lower back and is fitted with multiple sensors that ensure the slightest change in your posture is detected and the device automatically warns you by vibrating. This device is an easy and reliable way to maintain your upright posture because it is small enough to comfortably wear.

Symphonic light from Sony

Do you want to enjoy your favorite music but you don’t necessarily want to use your headphones or the stereo and at the comfort of your bed? The Sony symphonic light is the device for you.

Invented by Sony, this wonder gadget doubles up as a bedside lamp and a sound system too. The device is designed in such a way that it looks like a traditional lantern lamp. This gadget beautifully merges both light and sound in an interesting package so you can comfortably enjoy the benefits of both from the comfort of your bed. The light and sound are regulated by controlling them via an application on your smart phone which makes it easy to use.

Digitsole smart insoles

The development of this gadget started back in 2014 and has been underway until this year when it was launched. The digitsole smart insole is feet warming device that can even track your steps wherever you go. It is controlled through an android or IOS application on your phone. The most interesting part is that it also tracks how much calories you have burnt during the day and helps you watch your weight.

Trackr Stickr

If you are in the habit of always losing things and rummaging through everything around you to find it, the Trackr Stickr will work perfectly for you. These are small gadgets that are attached to anything you think might get lost such as wallets, keys or other items. To locate the items, simply open a controlling app on your smart phone and the gadget will automatically connect to the app on your phone via Bluetooth to help you locate it.


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