Tesla Model S Dominates Canadian Electric Car Sales

Tesla Model S again dominated electric sales in Canada. It looks like Tesla has been the permanent and most liked electric car in Canada. There were 250 sales in March, 242 in September and 255 in September which clearly showed its dominance in final quarter in December too.

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Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Tesla had more sales than any other electric cars in Canada. Tesla had its 9th straight triple digit sales with 100+ registrations in November, it needs only 214 registrations in December to have made it 2000 for 2015. The previous highest electric car sale was in Canada with 1,521 sales.

The Chevy also had good sales in the year  with 220 vehicles finding new drivers. The number was higher than its 172 in November 2014 and it was just two short of its best ever month which it attained in April 2014. This is a milestone for electric car manufactures especially when December is considered as the third slowest month of the year for auto sales in Canada behind January and February.

Chevrolet Volt had 1,426 sales in Canada which was slightly lesser than its previous year 1,521. It is still an excellent result especially considering fuel efficiency is not among the list of consumer concerns.

With that said Nissan Leaf has a decent year as well with 1,233 car sold which is a bit higher compared to its 1,085 units in 2014. BMW has 360 units of i3 and 200 units of i8 sales in the year. 121 units of Mitsubishi i-MiEV were sold in 2015. Apart from these, Cadillac ELR, Porsche 918 Spyder had sold 25 units and 21 units respectively.

 Three other cars that had decent sales were Ford Fusion Energi, Toyota Prius Plug-in and Ford C-Max Energi for which sales numbers are no longer revealed by their manufacturers.

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