The Technology Behind The Bendable Smartphone.

Technological geeks are incorporating a lot of creativity and innovation in unveiling the latest technological gadgets in the world. As the day folds and the nights unfold various technological developments are being unveiled and inventing a Bendable Smartphone is one of the top moves by the Chinese company. The Chinese tech firm are the one behind this technology. They have unveiled the first bending smartphone that can go around your wrist and look like a bracelets or watch. The device that was developed by the Moxi Group that is based in China. Here are the underlying technology behind the design of the first bendable phone.

The screen of the Bendable Smartphone is made from Graphene material. Graphene is one of the thinnest material in the world making the screen of the phone also become elastic and bendable. This also makes the whole phone fully bendable. The first prototype of the smartphone is always unveiled, and they are still working on the last prototypes. The display of the phone is currently black and night. The Moxi Company is still working on the screen. Their aim is to release a fully colored of the display. Details pertaining the storage capacity of the phone are not yet released. The smartphone will be running on an Android OS though the version of the Android version is also not yet released.

The Bendable Smartphone has got a price tag of around $ 760. The phone has already started rolling out at the price. This will become one of the top expensive smartphones after the IPhone phone series that is released by the Apple Company. At the moment, most of the giant tech companies are also borrowing this technology so as to create their version of the bending phones. This includes the Samsung and LG companies. According to the latest anticipations, the coming generation of the Samsung smartphones will have a bendable screen.  This is seen on the first bendable device screen device that Samsung has released to the market. The Flex phone released by the LG Company also uses the graphene material in their screens. The extension of bending if the screens belong to phones produced by Samsung and LG can’t be compared to that of Moxi smartphone device.

The apple company has also joined the top giant tech companies’ i.e. LG and Samsung in the manufacturing of the bending screen smartphones. This is after the enterprise received the patent to produce a flexible electric device. The indulgent of the giant tech companies will tremendously improve the computing power of the bendable phones. The phones have already started rolling out into the market. This is a technological development that will shape the feature of technology in the coming years. This seen on the step that the company has taken in the releasing of the patents that are protecting the technology to the giant tech. Many giant tech companies that are also likely to join the technology include Microsoft, HTC and other technological companies based in China.


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