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Germany to Encourage Electric Cars Sales with 2 Billion Euros

electric cars

Electric cars evolution started a couple of decades ago but it was a couple of years ago is started getting in to the mainstream list of automobiles. With automobile manufacturers and Governments investing billions of dollars to save the planets environment from hazardous emissions from fuel run cars, The German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel wants to commit 2 billion Euros ...

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Ford’s Vision of the Electrified Version of Vehicles by 2020

electrified version

Ford has planned to invest $4.5 billion on the electrified version of the vehicles. Also announced that it will line up 13 new electric cars by 2020 for it will start a research program on electric batteries. On 10th December at a press conference in Dearborn, Mark Fields CEO of Ford announced that they will produce a more electrified version ...

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Tesla Model S Recalled for Seat Belt Check

Tesla Model S

It has been a week since Tesla began to recall all Tesla Model S cars to check their seat belts. A total of 90000 cars are being recalled. The recall started after a car in Europe was discovered in Europe with its front seat belt not connected to the outboard lap pretensioner.  The company contacted its customers with emails. However ...

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500 Mile Electric Cars are 10 Years Away Says Elon Musk

500 mile electric car

Elon Musk on 500 Mile Electric Cars The dropping cost of batteries signifies a change in the market soon.  The technology of battery is evolving as fast as it can, a round trip between Washington D.C. And New York on a one time charge battery can be seen and is just 10 years away, adds Elon Musk. An electric car ...

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The new electric car race necessitates what?

electric car race

The recent trend in today’s world is the electric car race. The electric car race is increasing rapidly and if you require reliability, particularly if you are starting up newly, it would be highly useful to you if you possess three things namely a large sum of money say billion dollars or if you poach one or many employees from ...

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General Motors and LG Partners for High Range Electric Cars

General Motors and LG

General Motors and LG are joining hands to make electric cars together. GM is widely known in the electric car market with their green car, Chevrolet Bolt. It is expected LG will be working a major role in the production of next generation of Chevrolet Bolt. LG will be responsible to provide all the required components for the electric cars ...

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