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TOP 5 Tech Gadgets of 2015 You Would Love To Buy


With each New Year comes new and more advanced technology and gadgets. 2015 is an exceptional year that has seen the emergence of new tech devices for the awe and amazement of many. Most of the gadgets that have become popular this year are wearables as technology is becoming more convenient and invisible with time. Here is a list of ...

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Hacking Ghost Attacks Apple Tools – Apple Removes Malicious Tools

hacking ghost

Hundreds of Apple Apps and tools were infected by Hacking Ghost fake Xcode tools.  However Apple Inc. has removed several tools from its Apps store. The security breach was caused by Chinese developers who had tricked into and added malicious codes using software tools. The affected companies names weren’t revealed however popular chat app, WeChat was affected and a complete ...

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New PC models with simplest possible setup

Source: Wikipedia.org

Modularity is taking shape as the next phase of computing. Acer has announced a modular style of PC with customers getting to build up the device and system in a very simple manner. Consumers would need to build up the system by assembling the units that suit their requirement. This is a trend that makes it unnecessary to open up ...

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