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1 Million Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids on Road

electric cars

Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids were just concept cars, a decade ago, a new concept to make planet a safe place with eco-friendly automobiles. Today, stats show that more than a million electric and plug-in hybrid cars are on road today.  In another decade there would be tough competition between green cars and regular gasoline cars. Let’s Check the Countries with ...

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Apple Electric Car Ship Date Target is Set for 2019

apple electric car

Apple electric cars ship date is set for 2019. There have been several meetings conducted with two groups of government officials in California. The project code named “Titan” will triple its team size from 600. These details have been revealed by people who are familiar with the project “Titan”. Apple Inc. is well known for its devices however this will be a ...

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Volkswagen – US Emission Scandal Hits Shares and Trust on Company

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The German car, Volkswagen shares fell almost 30 percent on Monday. This is just after days that German carmaker admitted it has falsified emission tests in the United States of America. One of world’s leading car manufacturers is being asked to clear all the scandal matters as German will also start a probe to check if they had falsified emission ...

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Rapid Increase and Demand for Electric Cars

electric cars

The idea of electric cars was just an innovative path to make environment free vehicles. It was never thought to compete with gasoline run cars but today the scenario is changing rapidly. People across the globe are thinking of the green car as it could save environment from harmful gases gasoline cars produce. Rapid Boom in Electric Cars Market The interesting ...

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Luxury Electric Cars – Audi to Take on Tesla

Luxury Electric Cars

The war on luxury electric cars is getting hotter every month this year. With several car manufactures such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, etc. revealing their luxury electric cars concepts and models in the Frankfurt Auto Show, Audi has entered the scene revealing it will work on a couple of luxury SUV and Sedan electric cars. Audi will first work on its ...

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Electric Car Sharing in Paris by Autolib is now in Indianapolis

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Electric car company Autolib is offering car share in Paris. It’s been a huge hit ever since it started the service with over 3,300 cars. The cars use the curbside stands to recharge during the rides. It’s an unbelievable offer and service offered by Autolib which might start happening in different cities worldwide. Users can pick up a car from ...

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Time and Need for Luxury Electric Cars

Electric car

It’s been over a decade since electric cars made debut and in no way were a threat to the regular cars. However, things have changed in the recent years with green cars being more compatible and user friendly. These were introduced as green cars that would save fuel and environment from emissions but now scenario is changed with the introduction of ...

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2016 Nissan Leaf – 107 Mile Range with 30-kWh Battery

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The 2016 Nissan Leaf electric car will be the most efficient green car in looks and mileage. The car will be launched with two different battery sizes, the 30-kWh battery and 24-kWh battery. Battery and Price Details of 2016 Nissan Leaf The 30-kWh battery comes with an EPA rated range of offering 107 miles and will cost $35,050 – $37,640 ...

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Hybrid or electric?

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An electric car engine does not have any of the multitudes of components that go into the working of a gasoline-powered engine. Tesla brings this technology to consumers along with many other digitized aspects such as a computerized control of the torque that is being transmitted to all the wheels. This is done by employing two motors, one at the ...

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The new Tesla’s Signature Model X available to be driven


For the reservation holders, the studio of Tesla Model X opened up early today. With this, the mysteries about the model has also been revealed. Image Source – www.flickr.com The Model X features the range of 240 miles with the speed of 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. The top speed of the vehicle is 155 mph. The price of the ...

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