Sony Corp. Brings Network Services and Playstaion under one Roof

Sony Corp. is currently focusing on online games and streaming services and is brining all its software, hardware, playstation hardware, etc under one roof. Andrew House has been leading Sony’s video game unit for a long time and will be the new head of the company that will begin operations in San Mateo, California in the beginning of April. The new Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC will have it all under a single roof.




Kazuo Hirai, CEO of Sony revealed that with the new fiscal year starting the new expansion phase will also be started. The company cut down thousands of jobs earlier and parted ways from Smartphone’s and Televisions. The new unit will mainly focus on games and services, movies and streaming music, image sensors, etc to drive company’s growth in the next three years.

It’s a good move to bring both network and games under one roof because the user base are the same but off-line games are out of market and no longer a driving force. The move brings also brings a lot of attention to Andrew House who had flawlessly worked on developing the company in his ways which has been successful till date.

Sony Corp. has a target set for its game business to generate $14 billion US dollars at the end of the year ending in March 2018. The operating profit margin is about 5 to 6 percent. Later in the week on Friday, the company will be reporting its third quarter earnings results.

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