How Smartphones Changed the Way We Travel

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Before the dawn of the smartphone, we had cellphones that occasionally contained a useful tool. With this new generation of mobile communication devices, everything has changed. Name a day when you hadn’t seen someone diving deep into the screen of their phone, scrolling ridiculously with their thumb. Smartphones have changed the way we live and therefore, the way we travel. A hugely useful tool on the road, whether you’re travelling locally or abroad, it has made our journeys vastly easier, but also hugely less personal.

No more Getting Lost

The most important improvement the smartphones have made upon our society is that of having maps available on a single device. Almost every one of these technological miracles is equipped with a GPS locator, thus diminishing the chances of getting lost to a bare minimum. In addition, one no longer needs to carry those ridiculous tiny pocket dictionaries and struggle with pronunciation of even the most basic of words.

If your GPS is unavailable and you didn’t get a good deal for data roaming from your provider, you can, of course, rely upon those dictionaries, but you still don’t have to buy them, because they’re available in your app store!

This has, however, caused everyone to become more impersonal and the loss is contained within the lack of spirit of adventure! Rarely do you hear about someone putting their smartphone into their pocket and setting sail bravely into the crowd of foreign people, asking for local hotspots, directions and advice. This might actually be worth the cost, given the fact that years ago, travelers would lose hours of potentially wonderful experiences by asking for directions, while scratching their heads, huge paper maps turned upside down.

Interesting Travel Apps

When it comes to smartphones, whether you’re at home or abroad, apps are the name of the game. Here are some interesting ones:

  • Trippeo – this one offers a quick and easy expense tracking.
  • Apple Pay –a secure and safe method of making credit card transaction
  • Wallet – this one lets the user carry all their documents within the device. Boarding passes, hotel bookings and the like are much more difficult to lose if they’re stored at one specific spot. As for the danger of losing your smartphone – let’s be honest, how frequently do you check if it’s still inside your pocket and how deeply do you cherish it? Your phone is the last thing you’ll lose these days.
  • Gate Guru – this app, coming from the TripAdvisor, offers guidance to gate locations, amenities and security for a better airport experience.


Changing Business Travel

One area of travel that smartphones really changed from the very core is business travel which used to be an endless string of cheap flights, hassle with expenses and having to find computers (before that fax machines) where you could get in touch with the office when necessary. These days, however, this has all changed. With Business AirBnb, Expensify and encrypted cloud storage solutions, a business person can take care of all their business on the go, making their business travels cheaper and more comfortable at the same time.

Closing Word

Even though there are some drawbacks in terms of socializing, learning new languages and talking to interesting foreign people, smartphones have made travel a hell of a lot easier. With the ability to avoid finding oneself lost, or in dangerous neighborhoods, the travelers of today can enjoy their vacation abroad even more.

Most phone map apps offer amenities and landmark guidance, so not only can you rest assured not to miss out on anything, but find out all about the reviews of the spot in question. These technological wonders have indeed changed the world when it comes to travel and everything else.

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