Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6

A latest product from Apple released today is the Apple-branded Smart battery case for iPhone 6. This will be good news for everyone who feels iPhone 6 doesn’t have enough battery life. The Smart battery case will extend the battery life of the iPhone up to 25 hours. The iconic Apple breaks its own record with a new release of thinner and better iPhone every year. The battery size plays the magic which makes the iPhone thinner.

Features of Smart Battery Case:

Battery life is an important aspect for every Smartphone. Making the phone thinner will be pointless if the battery life is not that good. Performance should be focused more compared to the looks. The new Smart battery case for iPhone6 looks good in design as well. 25 hours of extra battery life seems to be an awesome idea for users of iPhone6. Users will be much happier if the internal battery life is extended to 5 to 8 hours.

Battery life and Smart Battery case for iPhone 6:

Has the Smart Battery case for iPhone 6 been a new solution or a temporary solution?, will be the question that arises in every iPhone user. There are rumours about the iPhone 7 where the next generation iPhone will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack and it could be the thinnest iPhone ever. But the release of the Smart Battery case makes a question; will Apple increase its battery capacity by increasing its thickness? The case may be a solution until the introduction of thin graphene batteries in the Smartphone world. Even though Smart Battery case is a best way to improve the battery life, the redesign will be the best case scenario for the iPhone 7.

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