Sandoval Signs $1 Billion Deal for Electric Car Plant in Las Vegas

The Nevada Governor, Brian Sandoval sealed the deal with Faraday Future to bring $1 billion deal for electric car plant in Las Vegas. The Governor signed the four bills into law after the Nevada Assembly approved them dealing with tax credits, tax abatements, infrastructure and water at the proposed site.

$1 Billion Deal for Electric Car Plant

Faraday Future, with backing from Chinese billionaire Yueting Jia will be building a 3 million square foot factory in Las Vegas. The company is aiming to producing cars by 2017. Recently when Sandoval was on a trade mission to China met the Chinese billionaire and was impressed by their vision and plans for the company. The Gov. said it is an opportunity to build Faraday future and along with the Future of Nevada. This deal would change the economy in Southern Nevada very soon.

The company spokesman said they were excited knowing the bills are passed and are looking forward to a long term continuing partnership with the State of Nevada and city of North Las Vegas in their $1 billion deal for electric car production in the state.

The government also approved $215 million in tax abatements and tax credits to lure the company. It is over the next ten years with $175 million tax abatement and $38 million tax credits. It is also revealed, similar deals will be available for other companies who would meet the $1 Billion investment threshold.

Though the bills are passed, Faraday’s $1 billion deal for electric cars production in Las Vegas will have quite a lot of challenges on their way ahead with problems related to lack of water and utilities, etc in their proposed 18,000 acre industrial park. However state and local economic development officials said these services will be provided since it is to develop the state’s economy.

The Faraday $1 billion deal for electric car production will result in 4500 high wage jobs for the locals and also change the face of how the state is perceived in the country. Several analysts claim the plant will create more than 9000 indirect jobs too.

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