Samsung Gear VR Prices Cut Rate for Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung Gear VR cut prices by half and will be available from November. The next big thing is Virtual reality in gaming, movies, etc. The main problem people face with this is the pricing of virtual reality gears which are expensive. However Samsung has taken an initiative to reduce the price of its VR Gears.

Samsung will be launching the Oculus Gear VR in November for just $99 along with the 2015 Samsung Galaxy lineup. This is a great relief for all those who love VR games and movies. It’s the first time these gears are to be available for such meager rates.

Virtual reality is the next big thing it’s already being used in various aspects of life. VR will be used in wide range of day to day life such as for business, presentations, gaming, movies, etc.

The Samsung Gear VR to be released in November will be compatible for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6, Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. Earlier the Gear VR was compatible for few galaxy devices however this will be compatible for all Galaxy devices. The rate is cut down by nearly 50% costing at $99, previous one was priced at $199. With the discounted rates, Galaxy users can buy them easily and use.

Apart from the compatibility and price cut, there will also be several other benefits for users who buy them. The Gear VR is mainly for game support and it will be give better support than the earlier gears. There is couple of companies ready to compete with the Samsung Gear VR with their own gears.

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