New iPhone 7 Confirmed with Latest Apple Leak

Apple started releasing one phone a year then two and now it seems there will be four this year. It is clear Apple will release three models of iPhone 7 this year along with the 4-inch iPhone SE. The models are the 4.7 inch iPhone7, 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus and the third might be even more a premium model such as the “iPhone 7 Pro or an advanced device.

iPhone 7


The third model is believed to have a ground breaking camera with a dual lens camera system that is created by LinX.  It will be a breakthrough in mobile phone technology with the best camera features. The dual lens technology used in the camera module is very thin which will help the company eliminate the camera bulge in the camera.

The common question that rises in every mind is why Apple has to make and release new models just for its dual lens cameras and why not have them in the other iPhone 7 series phones. The answer is simple, and due to supply constraints, Apple is not in a position to produce huge quantities of LinX camera modules which is why the company decided to create the third generation of iPhone 7.

This will be considered as an opportunity for Apple to showcase its camera technology which fell behind compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6.  We will have to wait some more time until the release of the iPhone 7 series phones in the year. This will be the year of iPhone 7 worldwide.

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