All That You Need To Know About The Tesla Gigafactory.

The Tesla Gigafactory is one of the grand projects of the Tesla Motors Corporation that is expected to be launched this year. The Gigafactory is one of the greatest projects that Tesla Motors has been working that comes after the Tesla Model X launching and the Space X Ship Landing. When it comes to making the world transportation sector, then the Tesla Motors has actually placed in a lot of technological innovations to ensure that this is achieved. The Gigafactory is one of the grand projects that Tesla is looking forward to unveiling in this year. Here are the top things that you should know about the Tesla Gigafactory.

All That You Need To Know About The Tesla Gigafactory.

  • It’s Location.

The Tesla Gigafactory is located in Nevada. There was a groundbreaking ceremony that was held during the opening of the construction commencement. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on June 2014. The factory occupies one of the largest acre coverage in Nevada.

  • Main Goal of the Company.

The Tesla Gigafactory is set to produce over 500000 Lithium-ion batteries by 2017. The main move for the Tesla Motors Corporation to come with this project is order for it to cater for the mass production of the batteries required for the 500000 EV that the company is targeting to produce annually. The Tesla Gigafactory is set to produce around 35 Giga watt-hours (GWh) battery capacity annually. This is a massive battery capacity that should cater for the 500000 EVS produced annually. The battery capacity produced annually is actually where the name of the company comes from i.e. the name “Giga” to Gigafactory.

  • The primary energy Source of the Factory.

The Gigafactory will be powered by a renewable energy source. The use of the renewable source of energy makes the production of the battery very cheap and thus making the goal of the Tesla Motors viable and realistic. Nevada is a region that is known for having a high sun intensity thus the solar power and wind energy are the renewable energy sources that are going to power up the factory. Some solar panels are already installed on the roofs of the vehicle giving out a clear evidence that solar energy will be the most ultimate power source used in powering up this company.

  • The Main Sponsor Partners in this project.

The Panasonic Company are named as the main sponsors who are facilitating the Gigafactory project. They have played a significant role in ensuring that the whole project attains its level. The Tesla Motors owe a lot to the Panasonic Company attaining the level in which they have reached on the Gigafactory project.

At the moment, people are asking what will be the next big thing for the Tesla Motors company after they have unveiled the Gigafactory. There is still a lot of speculations that they will be working on the Tesla Model 3. The Gigafactory project has played a tremendous role in the performance of the Tesla motors in the automotive market come 2017.

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