National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) Announces the Launch of Five Electric Cars By 2018

Saab owner after acquiring the assets of bankrupt automaker Saab in 2012 and facing various financial problems, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) is back in the game with its latest announcement of launching five next-generation electric cars over the course of three years in the Chinese market.

The Announcement

 National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) President Mattias Bergman spoke at the StoraBildagen automotive conference in Sweden last week and revealed that the company plans to launch five new vehicles using the Saab technology. The Pheonix platform that was originally created for a new generation of Saabs will also be used in the process. Slides that displayed sketches of this new generation electric vehicles were also shown during the presentation. These sketches can be viewed on the Saab Blog.

Details of the New Vehicles

The first model will arrive in 2017 and is said to be a delayed electrified version of the old 9-3. A prototype for this model was built in 2014, but almost no activity has been seen since then.

The other four vehicles will run on the Phoenix platform and will include a sedan with a fastback roof and three SUVs. The company refers to them as the Active All-Rounder (small fastback sedan), Urban Adventurer (small SUV with coupe-like styling), Distinctive Family SUV (small SUV), and Sporty Urban SUV (compact SUV).

However, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) might not be able to give these vehicles the Saab name as it lost its rights last year. The usage of the name is still being negotiated with its current owners.

Collaboration with Chinese Automaker

A Chinese state-owned carmaker, Dongfeng has agreed to collaborate with National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) on the development of these vehicles. Sales will initially take place in China and Sweden,  but may expand to the rest of Europe and United States too.

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