Mercedes- Benz To Desing and Manufacture 4 Electric Cars By 2020.

The Mercedes- Benz is known for its prolific luxurious and unique vehicles in the automotive industry. The invention of the electric car technology in the automotive industry has sparked a lot of concerns for the company as it’s receiving an evitable competition from the top electric car manufacturing companies. This has led to them coming up with a strategy to curb. One of their strategies is to work on the top 4 electric cars by 2020. The designs from the top companies such as BMW, Tesla, Volkswagen, Toyota, etc. is what has inspired the company in venturing into the electric drive.

Mercedes- Benz To Desing and Manufacture 4 Electric Cars By 2020.

According to the viable sources, the Mercedes Company is working on two electric sedans and two electric SUVs that will be launched to the market by 2020. The four electric cars might be more powerful than the gasoline counterparts. There will be changes on the exterior and interior model of the four electric models that the company will launch. The four electric vehicles might be equipped with very powerful electric engines that will render a 101 hp and 536 hp for the electric sedans and SUVs respectively.
According to the above description, it’s no doubt that this will be one of the powerful electric vehicles to own come 2020. The four electric vehicles will improve the performance of the Mercedes company come 2020 in the automotive industry.

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