LeSEE Electric Sedan Posed To Challenge Tesla Model S.

When Tesla Model S Electric car was released into the market it really rocked the EV market as one of the top electric vehicle one can own. The LeEco Company, which is the Chinese media company, has gone further to unveil a unique vehicle that might poise as a great challenge to the Tesla Model S in the EV industry. LeSEE Electric uses technology based on the Faraday’s Future concept cars. The LeSEE Electric Sedan is one of the latest electric cars that was unveiled last week in Beijing by the LeEco media company.

LeSEE Electric Sedan


The LeSEE Electric Sedan poses a great challenge to the Tesla Model S EV because of its amazing specs and feature that enables it render an adorable performance. Some of these features are the automatic self drive with a retractable steering. It’s also equipped with touch screen controls. The car is also divided into passenger zones making each passenger enjoy his/her own entertainment. This is absolutely one of the perfect luxurious vehicles that one can own in the year 2016.
According to the CEO and Co-Founder of LeEco, the launching of this vehicle has played a significant role in elevating automotive industry in China.  The price of this vehicle is yet to be revealed globally by the Company. This is one of the first and top vehicles that the LeEco Company has designed and revealed to the universe. The quality of the designing and specs fitted in the vehicle during its designing is what makes it to poise a great challenge to the Tesla Model S vehicle.

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