L500 R Hybrid PHEV Concept Car Unveiled.

The Peugeot Company is one of the old automotive company that is still manning the auto industry with its latest release to the market. At the moment, they have been working on the L500 R Hybrid PHEV Concept that they have already released. This will be one of the top racing cars that is expected to take part in the Formula E racing competition. It has got amazing features and specs that might tremendously place the Peugeot automotive firm on top of the electric car market. The L500 R Hybrid PHEV is already unveiled, and the following are the superb features and specs that the vehicle is equipped with.

L500 R Hybrid PHEV Concept Car Unveiled.


The L500 R Hybrid PHEV has got one of the top acceleration features that allow it to attain 100 km/h within the first 2.5 seconds. Thus, when you summarize this, the car will then take 119 seconds to cover 1000 meters. It also has got a light weight of 1000kg thanks to the vigorous and light carbon fiber material that is used in the design of this EV. The L500 R Hybrid PHEV is designed with two motor engines i.e. the front and rear engine that render a powerful torque of 250 hp.
This is one of the amazing and powerful racing EVs that it’s interior is designed with the i-Cockpit technology. The car is also designed using the VR technology since it’s equipped with the VR headsets that allow you to gain access to the co-pilot mode during racing.

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