Why iOS 10 OS Is Considered As A Game Changer In The Smart Phone Technology Industry.

The Apple Company is recognised as one of the top telecommunication industry, and this is attributed to the marvellous technology used in the design of their products. Most of the latest software release and update from the Apple usually takes place during the Apple’s Worldwide Conference event. This time during the event they officially announced the launching of the iOS 10 OS Update. This is considered to be one of the best Operating System the world has ever had. Most of the latest features in the iOS 10 OS Update reveal to us more about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which are yet to be released during this fall season.

Why iOS 10 OS Is Considered As A Game Changer In The Smart Phone Technology Industry.


The iOS 10 OS Update is the next OS after iOS 9 which was also released during this year in an annual event. The Ios 10 is equipped with 10 new features and has got a unique design. The iOS 10 update comes with a new and redesigned lock screen that helps use to keep your phone away from annoying snoopers. The iOS 10 Update allows you to delete the inbuilt apps so as to create more space for you to listen to the new music and store more files. Latest widgets for apps in the expanded 3D Touch. The iOS 10 OS is also coming with the latest Siri App update that allows you to interact directly with your phone through the apps such as WeChat, WhatsApp, and Uber, etc.  It’s also equipped with the latest photos app that allows you to edit your photos. A new design of the Apple Maps app is also coming with the Ios. The Apple Music app has also received the latest update and thus allowing you to have a maximum fun with the phone. There is also some other small apps that have also undergone some changes. This includes the message app, homepage, etc.

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