Hybrid and Electric Cars Market Getting Better

It was not too long Tesla founder, Elon Musk stated the low gas prices could hit electric cars sales across the country. However, with the yearlong low gas prices and its savings hasn’t stopped people from buying these environmental friendly cars.

Electric Cars

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Toyota, the world’s largest and biggest car manufacturer has already expanded its line of hybrids with the new Avalon, The RAV4, and the Camry. Apart from these vehicles it also has the revealed three new versions. However, even with the low gas rates hasn’t stopped Toyota from going green and clean n the market.

Car manufacturers haven’t stopped manufacturing electric and hybrid cars even when the low gas rates in the current market. Even with the high sales of gas cars electric cars are also being brought by customers who also want to help and do their bit of contribution to curb air emi9ssion.  Toyota is planning to make more hybrids especially converting most of its successful cats into hybrid and plug-ins.

Toyota Prius has revealed it will be releasing an hybrid car every year for the next ten years This year’s Prius will have a wide lot of changes such as a complete new makeover in its exterior design, enhanced safety features, independent rear suspension,.  Etc.

The 2016 Nissan Leaf is a great choice to own a complete green and environmental car.  The car has a decent 126 miles per gallon range when equipped with the 24kWh battery, it is a complete 100 percent electric drive system powered car with rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

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