GM Works on A Chevrolet Bolt Prototype that will exceed 200-Mile Range.

In order to remain on top of the market in the electric vehicle industry, you must incorporate a lot of innovation and creativity. The release of the most powerful electric vehicle i.e. the Tesla Model 3 has really sparkled the GM motors to work on their latest electric vehicle specs. This is the Chevrolet Bolt Model. Up to the moment the released date and specs of the Chevrolet Bolt is not yet revealed, but according to the latest speculations, this ought to be one of the powerful Electric Vehicle. The incorporation of latest technology with a lot of innovation and creativity has really boasted the development of the electric vehicle sector.

Chevrolet Bolt

The latest speculations on the specs and features of the Chevrolet Bolt EV are based on the latest prototypes that are being tested at the moment. According to General Motor’s general director Mr. Smith, the prototypes that are being tested at the moment can cover a mileage of 200 miles with only a single charge.  This is because the battery packs fitted in the vehicle are very powerful and designed with the latest technology. The battery packs have got twice mass and render triple energy whenever they are compared to the Chevy Spark EV. This is a significant improvement in the EV industry. Some of the leaked specs also include the horsepower of 200 and a 266 lb-ft of Torque. It was also postulated that the car might have a superb acceleration that will enable it to attain a speed of 60mph within 7.0 seconds.
At the moment the release date and price of this vehicle has not been released but according the recent speculations, it might one of the superb EV in the market. Comparing the previous price of the Chevrolet Spark EV of $ 25995 – $ $ 26 385 with the Chevrolet Bolt, then the Chevrolet Bolt might go for $ 37,500 – $ 45,000.

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