Germany to spend Billions to Promote Electric Car Expansion

Germany hasn’t been much in the electric car scenario unlike other European nations that have already invested billions in electric car expansions. Now the country is planning to support and create user friendly policies for electric cars expansions. This will change the country’s automobile industry in the next couple of years.

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The country’s powerful auto industry has completely changed to plug-in cars and is focussing on these EV’s rather than the regular fuel filled cars. It was German Economy Minister, Sigmar Gabriel who revealed the government’s plans to spend billions in electric car promotion and expansion in the country.

Although a lot of information about the new policies is not revealed, the Minister stated the country will invest around 2 billion Euros to incentivize electric cars. Some part of them one would go to subsidies for new electric car purchases, some money will be invested in expanding public charging stations and a complete set of new electric cars will be used for government transportations.

As of today, the country has 2400 operational AC charging and 100 DC charging sites. These numbers will increase in very soon as a part of the money will go to creating and making fast charging sites. All these funds will be funded by the current German budget without tax increases.

This is not the first time electric car incentives have been talked in Germany however nothing much has happened until date. In 2014, the Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke about giving cash rebates and tax incentives. There are many people and companies working on this project as the company plans to have over a million plug in cars on roads.

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