Games are Trending in Apple TV App Store

Games are trending in Apple TV App store like never before. It has been just over a week since Apple TV hit consumer’s living rooms but games are already dominating the paid charts. In simple words, Apple is inspiring and tempting gamers and game developers to its new platform.

One of the main features is playing games on a bigger screen with incredible home theatre sound. The app store has a wide range of desirable apps for users. All those apps used on your iPhone can be used on your Apple TV as well. The TV will redefine your living room with amazing games, sounds, and several other features. Imagine booking your next travel ticket and accommodating on your TV. With Apple TV , TV viewing and experience has gone beyond human expectation.

Top five paid apps on the Apple TV app store are Galaxy On Fire, Does Not Commute, Lumino City, and Alto’s adventure. Similarly, top five free apps are Nat Geo TV, Fox Now, Showtime, History and CBS. Several expected apps such as Beat Sports, Wii Sports, etc. hasn’t made to the top five in the first week of the Apple TV launch. Also, few developers are mad at Apple since users aren’t able to locate their games organically.

This is the first TV to use tvOS that has brought all third party games and apps through their own app store. However all the games and apps available on the Apple TV app store must be compatible with the new touchpad siri remote.

From Apple Music to games on Apple TV, it is clear there is lot more surprises coming your way from Apple.

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