The Games and Apps That You Will Meet At The Samsung Gear VR.

The evolution of the VR technology has really boosted the gaming industry. At the moment, this new technology has really made the game and app developers to design more powerful apps and games. The Samsung Company is one of the top Companies to invest in the VR Technology. This is seen in their Samsung Dear VR. The Samsung Gear VR has really played a vital role in the performance of Samsung Company in the telecommunication. This device is compatible with Samsung Galaxy 7 at the moment. If you purchase the Samsung Gear VR then this is what you should expect to find in terms of apps and games.

Samsung Gear VR

•    Smash Hit VR.
This was designed and developed basing on one of the famous mobile games. This is an adventure game that is brought to you on the VR platform by the Samsung Gear VR that has got an arcade experience. Using the balls you are supposed to smash the glasses and escape from a confined place.
•    Lands’ End.
This is also another epic adventure game where you have required solve breezy puzzles. The natural terrain creates an amazing look during the game play.
•    The Netflix App.
This allows you to watch your favorite movies and series using a fake flat screen that is projected by the Samsung Gear VR.
•    Eve Gunjack.
Playing an action game on the VR platform is one of the exciting tasks that you can perform. The realistic graphics rendered makes it possible for you enjoy the game in the Samsung Gear VR..
Those are the current most exciting game that you will find on the Samsung Gear VR. The developers are still working on the other apps and games. The Samsung Gear VR has got amazing specs that make it compatible with almost all of the VR apps and games that are being designed.

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