Facebook Celebrating 12th Anniversary Today

It was 12 years ago on the same day, the most popular social media website was founded. While celebrating the 12th birthday, the team revealed how close the site’s 1.6 billion users are now connected to each other. The average degrees of separation between a typical pair on the social network was 3.74 degrees in the year 2011 but today with double the users on the site, its 3.57 degrees today.


Source: en.wikipedia.org

The social networking site is now more than a decade old.  During 1960s when researchers experimented and found there are super connectors in a network that made connections needed to connect two random people much smaller than expected. They also found two strangers could be linked with no more than five intermediaries which is equal to six degrees of separation.

It’s hard to believe that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s idea to connect all students in Harvard and then other college students would lay foundation stone for the world of connections through online experience. Facebook helps to stay connected with family, friends, neighbor’s colleagues, etc. It also helps to keep track of all happenings in your ex’s life.

In a span of just over a decade, Founder Zuckerberg has taken the company to new levels and has also decided to shell out his 99% of income from the social network in his life time helping needy people. From underdeveloped and developing countries, Facebook plans to share free internet.

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