What to expect in Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

The Samsung galaxy note is one of the upcoming and latest Samsung phablet flagships to be launched by the Samsung Corporation. There are various anticipations and rumor going round about the phone on the social media platform. This is because this is one of the fabulous products from the Samsung Corporation that is awaited for in the universe. According to the viable sources we were able to funnel out the most specifications and features that this phone might be equipped with. Here are the top features that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 smart phone might be equipped with.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6


The phone is expected to come in two variants i.e. the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 edge. The phone might be fitted with the latest 6GB LPPDR4 RAM module. The battery pack expected to be equipped in this phone is the 4000 mAh battery. This is one of the long-lasting battery packs that one can ever own. Basing on the other previous rumors this phone is expected to be equipped with a 12 MP rear camera that is dual pixel. It might also be fitted with a 32 GB ROM storage and it might be powered by a Snapdragon 820 SoC processor. The phone might also have a 5.2 inch display. Those are the only leaked information about the Samsung galaxy note 6.
Other details pertaining the design of the phone have not yet been leaked on the common platform. We are also still expecting to get the release date for the phone and also the price tag the phone might have.

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