CHAdeMO Association Reveals the 150 kW Power Rate Charging System.

The super-fast charging technology is currently what most of the automotive technological company are still working. Having a super-fast charging system technology will tremendously improve the market performance of the company. Tesla is one of the leading automotive companies to invest in the super-fast charging technology. According to the latest reports from a viable source, the CHAdeMO association are also reported to be working on this technology also.

CHAdeMO Association Reveals the 150 kW Power Rate Charging System.

According to the reports, the CHAdeMO Associations are expected to work on the 150 kW power transfer rate protocol technology. This power transfer rate is considered to be the highest power transfer protocol that will be unveiled in 2017. This will also be an improvement on the previous power rate of the company of 100 kW. The 150 kW power transfer rate protocol will be working on a 350 A current that will; be able to sustain long-range EVs in the market. This is one of the technologies that will tremendously change the future and level of the EV technology to an upper level.
This super-fast charging technology is expected to be unveiled in 2017 together with the CHAdeMO Electric Vehicle that will be on the road at the moment. As the day folds and nights unfold more technological innovation are yet to be unveiled on the Electric Vehicle technology thus making it fantastic for the future world. The CHAdeMO Association from Japan has already shown us the way.

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