BMW i3 2017 Model To Cover 114 Miles Due The 50% Battery Capacity Increase.

BMW is categorized among the top leading companies on that are investing in the electric car technology.  The BMW i3 2017 electric car is one of the awaited models in the automotive industry because of its specs and features. Some of its features were officially announced by the BMW Company. This feature basically includes the mile the car will be covering for a single charge and the battery capacity of the vehicle. Other specs of the vehicle are just mere anticipations since they are not yet announced to the public.

BMW i3 2017 Model To Cover 114 Miles Due The 50% Battery Capacity Increase.

The BMW i3 electric will be able to cover 114 mile range on a single charge. The increase in the mileage range per a single charge is one of the favorable features has enabled the BMW i3 users to cover long distances with the vehicle on the electric mode.  The BMW i3 (94 Ah) allows you to charge the BMW at your home. This is a residential charging station for the BMW car. The battery storage capacity of the BMW i3 is also superb since it allows for 114 miles covering range per a single charge. The 33 kWh battery capacities is actually a 50% increase in the storage capacity as compared to the other battery capacity on the other models. The electricity consumption of only 27 kWh/100 mi is really low thus being cost effective whenever you are using it. This ranks the BMW i3 as one of the most efficient cars to use in the universe.

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