The Best Phones To Own In 2016.

2016 has been one of the anticipated years with many companies in the technological industry agitating for more products. In order to remain on top of the telecommunication industry or even acquire that top spot then Companies must work more than they do. This is seen on the latest phones being released in this ear. The phones that are being released in the year 2016 from the top companies are really amazing. The top companies that are really manning the telecommunication industry in producing the best phones are HTC, Apple, Samsung, Sony etc.
iPhone SE.

The Best Phones To Own In 2016

This is an amazing product from the Apple Company that has really hit the market due to its quality of nature and specs. It has got a unique sleek design that makes it o top of the technological industries. It’s very light with a weight of 113g this is less as compared to the other iPhone series. Its OS is iOS 9.3. Its display is also superb and is of 4-inch that renders a resolution of 640 x 1136. The above specs are what render the phone among the top best phones to own in 2016.
HTC One M9.
This was also one of the anticipated phones in the market and upon its release, it recorded a superb sale in the market. The camera system of the phone is what the company focused more on. It’s equipped with a dual camera system i.e. the rear camera of 20.7 MP and front camera of 4 MP. The camera renders very sharp images of shots that you make. The performance of the phone is also superb i.e. battery capacity of 2840mAh and an amazing display of 5 Inch.
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.
The Sony Company also rendered a superb performance in the telecommunication by unleashing the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact into the market. The phone is equipped with an OS of android of 5.1 that can be upgraded to the marshmallow OS. The rear camera is f 23 MP and the front camera is 5.1 MP.
Microsoft Lumia 650.
The Microsoft Corporation was also not left behind since they unleashed the Microsoft Lumia 650 that has got amazing specs. The display of the phone was also amazing. Its quality and unique design are what rates I among the best phones to own in 2016.

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