Apple’s tvOS App Store: The most expected App Store

Prediction by AppFigures:

The fourth generation Apple TV was released along with the tvOs and the tvOS App Store. Some figures on tvOS apps were published today by AppFigures. It provides the progress of the new App Store from the day it was launched. 2,624 Apps are available in the tvOS App Store. AppFigures expects 5,000 apps in January. With an average of 447 every week it is expected to have 10,000 apps in early 2016.

iOS App store and tvOS App Store:

Apple’s iOS App store was launched on July 2008, with 500 apps. It has been expanded to 9,676 apps within four months and 15,000 with 500 million downloads in six months. The same growth rate is expected in the tvOS App Store. Apple needs to allure developers to be successful as iOS App store. Eli Hodapp, Editor-in-chief of Touch Arcade recently had a talk with the different tvOS developers who are earning $100 as revenue with their popular apps and games in the tvOs App Store.


Steady growth can be seen in tvOS App Store if Apple encourages to develop content in the same way as iOS App store and not as Mac App Store. Developers should charge up front or generate revenue for app purchase since tvOs apps don’t support ads. 39 percent of apps are paid apps mostly  ranging from $0.99 to $4.99 in tvOs App Store.

Popular Category in tvOS App Store:

Games in the tvOS App Store is the most popular category with 1,002 apps under games category, out of 2,6244 available apps. It makes 38 percent of all apps available. Entertainment is the next popular category, followed by Education and Lifestyle.

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