Apple TV with Siri Remote will be Released in October

Here’s the latest update from the Apple which is ready to roll out Apple TV with Siri remote in October this year. The company has announced its tie-up with HBO and will give all its viewers the broadcaster’s series even before anyone else can get them. The TV comes with the set-top-box which will be the main control hub. It uses the Apple’s HomeKit Protocol features.

Siri Remote Connects Using Bluetooth

The Siri remote will be an additional feature as it can pair with the TV using Bluetooth. This means you can connect and control your TV without the line-of-sight to the set-top box or TV. The remote can be used to control HDMI-CEC capabilities allowing users to control all the equipment’s attached to it.

Apple TV Remote Features:

  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Ability to control all attached equipment with HDMI-CEC

Apple TV will give you a new television viewing experience and it’s important to wait a bit longer for the set-top boxes and TV to be released for public sales. There are a lot of features you would love about the TV such as pulling up apps on your phone to spotlight search programs. Users can also use shopping and gaming apps.

It will create a new evolution of TV viewing and will be a game changer. With its special features and facilities Apple TV is going to be the main product to watch out for in October as the company is busy with their iPhone 6S and 6S plus rolling out to the markets now. If you are planning to buy a TV it’s worth the wait till October to experience better TV viewing.

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