Apple iOS 9 Update for all its Devices

Apple iOS 9 update comes with several benefits for its users. The main feature of the latest update is the ability to return to the previously used app by tapping a small line of text. This is a relief and makes it more user-friendly.

Apple Inc. is on its way to dominate the future technology industry. From smartphones, tabs and software, the company has its hands on electric driverless car. The Apple iOS 9 update has been downloaded by half a million users in its first two days. The numbers are going to increase rapidly in the next couple of days.  The latest update has come just after days of the iPhone 6S editions were released. It’s an achievement to have these much record number downloads in just 2 days. Apple Inc. is currently dominating the technology industry in several ways, if this continues there will be just one name in the technology industry.

The features of the latest update include the Split View Multi-tasking which lets you use two apps simultaneously. In order to download the latest Apple iOS 9 update you need to have your iCloud log-in details.  It’s wise to back up your phone before the update which can be done easily with iPad or mac.

With the new updates, your phone will iPad, iPhone, iPod will become more intelligent with all the latest Siri features. Moreover, the update makes your device more secure against hacking. The new update is more efficient and intelligent that it can automatically reinstall apps that are removed.

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