Insta360 Nano VR Camera Compatible With iPhone 6.

As days fold and unfold tremendous technological developments on the VR technology continue to be unleashed on the market. At the moment the Insta360 Nano VR camera has been released, and it’s now compatible with the iPhone 6. This is one of the significant steps in bringing the VR technology to the phones. The Insta360 Nano VR Camera is one of the latest 360 Cameras to unveil to the technological market. The Camera has got amazing specs and features. Here are the top feature equipped on the VR camera.

Insta360 Nano VR Camera

The Insta360 Nano VR Camera is powered by two 210 degree fish-eye lenses that enable it to overlap and capture images in a 360 degree View. The images captured by this camera are of high quality, and they render a resolution of 3040 x 1520 pixels in 2D Footage at 30 fps. The camera does not support the 4K resolution, but this is still a fantastic camera to own.
This is one of the top accessories to consider buying with iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 plus / 6S Plus. It very simple to use since you have just to plug it on your iPhone device. The Insta360 Nano VR Camera will be costing $ 199.99 on the various stores, and thus it is available for pre-orders. The Company is still working out on another version of the insta360 Nano Camera that is compatible with Android phones. This is one of the exciting VR products at the market now.

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