Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition Reviews.

The Samsung Corp is known for releasing versatile mobile gadgets in the telecommunication industry. That is why it is always dubbed as a brand that provides a high level of completion to the top tech giants. The Company unveiled the Samsung Z3 Smartphone in October last year i.e. 2015 and now at the moment they have gone into the market with the latest version of the same phone. The latest version of the Samsung Z3 Smartphone is known as the Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition and its one of the fantastic phones to own due to its improved features.

Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition Reviews.

The latest Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition Smartphone is being powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8916 (SD410) Chipset processor. This Processor makes it very powerful than the previous version of the Smartphone. The Chipset installed in this phone makes it be compatible with 4G LTE. The previous version of the phone was compatible with only 3G LTE. Currently, this is one of the latest phone updates from the Samsung Company. The Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition phone still retains some features from the previous versions. This includes features such as Screen size display, the Android OS version and battery capacity of the phone. The storage capacity of the phone was also retained.

The main purpose for the releasing of the Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition is for enterprise purposes as the name suggests. The phone is already launched in Russia and it has got a price tag of $ 260. At the moment the phone has got a discount of 15% for those who will purchase the phone before June 30th.

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