Daimler Set to Compete Tesla Motors With the Long-distance EV In October.

The Tesla Motors is the best company in producing Electric Vehicles at the moment. This is attributed to the latest model that the company released. This is the Tesla Model X. at the moment Daimler Automaker is set to offer a stiff competition to the Tesla Motors by unveiling its own Long-distance EV in the market. This will be the fast long-distance to be released in the market. If a lot of technological innovation coupled with creativity is attained in the design and production of this vehicle, then it’s no doubt that the company is going to achieve the goal of outsmarting the Tesla Motors in Electric Car Technology.

Daimler Set to Compete Tesla Motors With the Long-distance EV In October.


According to reliable sources, SUV model prototype of the long-distance EV is already unveiled. The Chief development Officer of the Daimler Motors claims that the long-distance EV will cover a mileage of around 500 km i.e. 310 miles. The long-distance will have an SUV model, and it will be a four seater variant. This might be the top electric car in the industry. This EV is expected to be availed to the market in October. Information regarding the price of the EV is not yet announced. This might not be the first fuel cell powered from the Daimler Motors since at first it had plans to create the hydrogen powered car. Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche are also reported being working on the long-distance EV, which the prototype of the EV are ready, and they are expected to be availed to the market soon.

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