The Top Battery Technologies For Electric Cars.

The electric car is one of the most adorned technologies in this century. This is a technology that most of the automotive companies have resorted to investing in it. Here are the top automotive companies that are investing into the EV technological: Tesla Motors, BMW, Volkswagen, and Nissan, etc. this has made the EV technology emerge one of the greatest ideas in the world. Electric cars are considered to be easily maintained as compared to the gasoline vehicles that is why they are currently the leading technology in the world. More focus was shifted to the battery technologies for Electric Cars, and this actually made the electric car technology gain a lot of popularity regarding their usage. At the moment, the electric car batteries are being designed using the latest technology. He are the top emerging  battery technologies for electric Cars that are employed in the manufacture of the electric batteries for the EVs.

  • Lithium Ion Battery technology.

This is the best  battery technologies for electric cars that is being used by the biggest EV manufacturing industry. The Tesla and the Nissan industry are the top companies that are using this technology in the manufacture of their batteries for the electric vehicles.  The Lithium-ion batteries are designed in such a way that they deliver a high cyclability and it functions in such a way that the Positive charges of the lithium ions travel between the anode and the cathode in the electrolyte. These batteries have got a low energy density.

The Top Battery Technologies For Electric Cars.

  • Solid State Battery.

The Solid State battery manufacturing technology is one of the first  battery technologies for electric cars that is familiar with the Toyota and the Volkswagen industries. The batteries are actually made up of the solid state components and not liquid electrolyte. They have a high lifetime, and they are very cheap to maintain since they do not require expensive cooling mechanisms.

  • Aluminium-ion batteries.

The aluminum ion battery technology is one of the latest battery technologies that is still be worked by the scientist in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Stanford. The main areas of focus in the technology is the safety and cost of the battery. The aluminum battery will be one of the safest cells and very cheap as compared to the LIBS.

  • Lithium-sulphur batteries.

This is one of the top battery technologies for electric since NASA are using the batteries designed in that technology to power up the spaceships. It has got a high energy density and it’s less costly as compared to the Lithium-ion batteries. They have got a low cyclability due to the harmful reaction of its components when used.

  • Metal-air batteries.

This is also one of the top cells technology that makes use of the ambient air as the cathode and pure metal as the anode. They are very light since the cathode which produces a higher percentage f the battery is air. Oxygen is the most common air used in this case. As compared to the other battery technologies this is the least preferred battery technology.

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