Top Accessories For LG G5 Are Now Available.

The LG G5 smartphone was launched in February 2016 during the Mobile World Congress. It had amazing specs but due to a high level of Competition, they could not outwit the top competitors in the market like the Samsung, Apple, and HTC who had also made their phone release during that month of February in that event. The only way to keep LG G5 in the market was actually by designing new accessories that might come up with the phone. It has been officially announced that the four major accessories for the LG G5 smartphone are now available in the market. Here are the top 4 accessories that come with the LG G5 smartphone.

LG G5 Top Accessories Are Now Available.

•    LG CAM Plus.
This is a camera grip accessory that allows you to have that firm grip on the phone when you are taking cameras. It has got a camera launching switch, shutter button, video recording button and a digital –zoom dial button. The LG CAM plus accessory has got a price tag of $ 69.99.
•    LG 360 VR.
The LG G5 Smartphone comes with an LG 360 VR headsets that allow you to have the virtual reality experience. The LG 360 VR has got its screen, and a USB connection of type C. The VR headset goes for $ 199.99 on the various online stores.
•     LG Tone Platinum HBS-1100.
This is a dynamic driver headphone that comes along with this phone. It has got fabulous specs and features to be used. It’s also lighter as compared to the other headset. This platinum headset goes for $ 199.99 in the online stores
•    LG 360 Cam.
This is also a fabulous accessory that comes together with the phone. This LG 360 camera comes with the LG G5 smartphone, and it allows you to take 2k resolution videos. It has got three lenses that allow for an angle coverage of up to 200 degrees. The LG 360 Cam goes for $ 199.99 on the various online stores

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