26th of Aug, 2015

Facebook has a new virtual assistant, a rival to Apple’s Siri

This is something no one really anticipated from Facebook. It seems the social media giant has just unveiled a new virtual assistant called as just ‘M’ that is supposed to compete against Apple’s Siri. However the ‘M’ is only available in the messenger app and is also only in the current testing phase. With the virtual assistant, users are now able to deliver gifts to anyone in your contacts list as well as making restaurant reservations, as per reports. Facebook intends to grow this virtual assistant over time to be able to deliver a lot more interesting things.

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The best apps are finally coming to Apple TV

Apple may already have YouTube, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and HBO Now which is certainly commendable; however it is still missing apps such as Pandora, Sling TV, Spotify and Amazon Instant Video. However if rumours are to be believed, then Apple may launch a new Apple TV at the annual iPhone event next month in September. In fact, reports already suggest that the new Apple TV launch will have its own app store where third-party developers will make apps for the Apple TV. However it would be interesting to see how it would all fit in.

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Can YouTube Gaming compete against Twitch?

The number one position held by video game livestreaming was held by Twitch up until now; as YouTube Gaming https://gaming.youtube.com/ has just been launched. YouTube seems to have taken a quiet way of launching its very own spin-off platform, exclusively dedicated to video gamers. It is very much a great idea since most gamers actually spend a good amount of time watching others play video games online. However if YouTube will ever be able to out-throw Twitch as the preferred livestreaming partner is still a question that is left to be answered.

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There’s a new Sony smartphone with ‘greater focus’ being unveiled soon

Sony Xperia’s UK arm has posted a new teaser photo supposed to unveil a new smartphone with much greater focus. More details are said to be revealed at the Berlin’s IFA trade show to be held on Sep. 2.

The photo of the smartphone is intended to be blurry so as to keep the user enthusiasm at a high. The rumors depict that this new smartphone is in fact the Xperia Z5; however, we can’t be confirm at this point of time. Considering Sony’s philosophy, we expect something cool to come out that is surely worthy of talking about.

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Cliff Bleszinski, the legendary creator of Gears of War announced new game Lawbreakers

If you loved the Gears of War franchise, chances are you must have heard of the award-winning creator Cliff Bleszinski. He’s just teased us with a new game called Lawbreakers, which is supposed to be a new first-person shooter. The game is euphorically described as “new FPS that’s all about skill, not streaks” intending that it’s a ga

me where players are treated based on their respective skills, and not on their in-game achievements. The game is supposed to be a class-based, multiplayer-focussed shooter that is due for launch in 2016.

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Do you think YouTube Gaming can compete again Twitch in the video game livestreaming arena? Share your thoughts below.

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