24th of Sep, 2015

In a rare instance, Facebook was inaccessible for many today

Being the world’s largest social-networking site is no joke; and it must certainly take a lot to keep Facebook’s servers running constantly with minimal downtime. However, today i.e. Thursday, Facebook appeared to have been down for some users, showing them a page that said “Sorry, something went wrong” when trying to access. The issues when first reported, rendered Facebook inaccessible for around 30 minutes or so; after which the company fixed it. The surprising thing was that even IsItDownRightNow.com was struggling to get the news.

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Minecraft, the world’s most popular game will be on Virtual Reality soon

Whether you’re a casual gamer or someone who absolutely loves games and the creative freedom the medium offers, everyone loves Minecraft. So it’s really exciting to hear that this crowd favorite is now heading to Virtual Reality. Oculus, the Facebook-owned virtual reality handset and Minecraft owner are partnering to develop the game for virtual reality. This was revealed during a press conference in Los Angeles held today called “Oculus Connect.”

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Get the Samsung’s virtual reality headset Gear VR for $99

The original Samsung’s Gear VR Innovator’s Edition may have been a really expensive proposition for consumers with a lack of content. However, at the Oculus Connect event on Thursday, Samsung announced a brand new Gear VR that beats the competition out of the room with its economical cost. The new virtual reality headset is 22% lighter and is much more comfortable to wear, costing only $99. It will be available in November i.e. pre-Black Friday.

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Play as Bigfoot in GTA V

In GTA V, you can transform into other animals and play the game. However, when developers added a new achievement called Cryptozoologist, an award for unlocking all the animals in the game. However, playing as Bigfoot requires special skills and a bit of a cheat, which you can read about it below. However it’s not a straightforward task. Players will have to first finish the game on story mode, complete the Last One mission without killing the Bigfoot.

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There’s a new range of Ford Super Duty pickups

America’s favorite auto brand Ford has just announced a new line of Super Duty trucks, the F-Series with much admirable specs. The new trucks include a light-weight frame of 95 percent military grade steel along with 5% aluminum alloy which translates to additional towing capacity. Also it is about 350 pounds lighter than current year’s model. Thus it has an overall improved power-to-weight ratio. It is powered by a 6.7-liter “Power Stroke” V-8 diesel engine; also a 6.8-liter V-10 or 6.2-litre V-8 gasoline engine are also provided.

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This Black Friday, would you buy the Samsung Gear VR for only $100?

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