2017 Volkswagen e-Golf to receive latest Updates.

Every day and night the electric car technology receives a major boost from its top key players in the industry. At the moment, the Volkswagen automotive industry plans to update the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf with latest features and specifications. This update is done in order to be able to face their long-term rivals the BMW in the completion market. This was announced after the BMW Company announced the launching of the i3 concept which can cover a mileage of 114 miles on a single battery charge of 33.2 kWh battery.

2017 Volkswagen e-Golf to receive latest Updates.


According to the Volkswagen technical development boss, the Volkswagen e-Golf will be going for 186 miles per a single charge. This is attribute to the 35.8 kWh battery that the vehicle is fitted with. This is actually a new battery that is designed with the latest battery technology cells. The electric motor in the Volkswagen e-Golf will be able to deliver up to 120 kW power which is actually an improvement of the 85 kW power battery.
Important details pertaining the price and design of this latest model is not yet leaked out to the public at the moment. The launch of the Volkswagen e-Golf to the market will definitely provide a critical role in providing a massive completion to the top large electric vehicles companies in the automotive industry.

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