2017 Trends to Follow for Brand Recognition on Social Media

Marketing is a fluid, ever-changing field. Everyone is constantly hustling to get to the top and stay there as long as possible. The most important part of the marketing mission for any business is to create brand awareness. It’s been clear for a while that, nowadays, a huge chunk of our lives is lead on the internet. Social media has become the place to meet, communicate, discuss, comment, buy, and – of course – advertise. But, because people are exposed to so much content and ideas every day, marketing strategies change all the time in order to stay fresh and keep up with the constantly transforming online landscape. It’s, therefore, crucial to follow trends. Here are some predictions on how to make and keep your brand relevant on social media in 2017.


Targeting and Personalization

With a veritable flood of content, campaigns, goods and services, it’s getting harder and harder to reach your brand’s target audience, no matter the quality of your product or your campaign. That is why in 2017 brands will focus on this problem more than ever. Researching the target audience will become even more important than it used to be. The most successful way to stand out from the sea of rivals will be to launch personalized ads and campaigns that will play to a very specific potential client base, and include carefully tailored content. Of course, this takes plenty of work. Throwing stuff at the wall to see if it sticks is neither time nor cost effective. It is best to consult professionals, like the experts at Leafcutter, and come up with a sound strategy.

Interactive Content

We have been witnessing the advance of interactive content. People are growing bored with just watching; they want to participate and feel included. That is a huge part of the reason why social media marketing started flourishing in the first place: it gives people the feeling of importance and closeness to a brand. With new technological trends and developments, we will see how this trend plays out in the future. Virtual reality is already here, and is slowly finding its way to the mainstream auditorium. It is a field that is only starting to emerge, and yet, huge brands like IKEA are already experimenting with ways to use it to their benefit. Facebook is getting second wind from their Live feature. There is no doubt brands that find the most innovative and intriguing ways to utilize these new developments are the ones that will surge in the following period.


Niche Communities

Bearing in mind the vastness of the global market and the sheer volume of competition, it is becoming clear that the best way for a brand to gain recognition is to speak directly to its niche audience. Trying to reach a niche community in regular networks is becoming increasingly harder. Instead, it’s worth looking for their home. For instance, a publisher will probably have far more success trying to build a name on Goodreads or 50 Book Pledge, than using paid ads on Facebook. It’s simple – if you are selling books, try to find where all the bookworms hang out. The same goes for any other niche. Of course, that doesn’t mean that big social media networks are useless and should be neglected, but a shift in focus is inevitable.

The social media scene never stops changing, so no one can predict with complete accuracy what will happen. Who knows what other trends will emerge. With Twitter in a steady decline, will another big player emerge? The truth is, for successful branding, a company needs to learn to navigate these often-treacherous waters and just keep swimming.

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