YouTube to Make VA with 360-Degree Videos and Google Cardboard

YouTube is now moving on to the next step of entertainment with virtual reality. YouTube has recently announced in a blog post the site is now supporting 360 degrees videos. This feature along with Google Cardboard views and a Smartphone will make users feel they are in the actual scene.


Google Cardboard

In the post they also mentioned it’s the same tricks humans use to see the world. Virtual reality will give you a sense of depth in every direction you look. The far things look far and near things looks near. However, users need to search for VR videos in the site first to get to see it. As of now there are two VR videos that are already available in the site and can be viewed any moment, Hunger Games Experience and TOMS Shoes Giving Trip.

Users who view the video must tap the cardboard icon prior to keeping their Smartphone on the viewer. This will be a complete new and futuristic viewing experience.  To video creators, YouTube also said that to add VR videos of their own videos must check out the latest technologies such as Jump to capture videos.

YouTube is bringing a new cardboard option button on the every page menu so users can watch existing videos using Google Cardboard. In order to experience this great viewing experience, users need to select a video they wish to watch, tap the cardboard option and place their smart phones to the viewer for a theater style experience.  Get the latest YouTube app from Google Play and Google Cardboard that costs from $14.99 to for a greater viewing experience.

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