Word of mouth might have a strange effect on Tesla enthusiasts

Who does not want to flaunt about the car they drive? But what happens when instead of getting jealous people to start blaming you. This might happen with the Tesla owners. They cannot even praise the features in a crowd because if they do so, people will start making fun of them.

Tesla has started a referral program to bring its company to the peak. If you drive a Model S you will get a $1,000 off on next purchase of Tesla. It has started a program to inflate the sale of its car. Offer is valid till October 31; according to which if a person buys a new Model S and is referred by an existing owner he/she will get $1,000 off on their purchase.

Not only the above program, but Tesla has introduced many other programs according to which, if you refer five buyers, you will win a free tour to the Gigafactory in Nevada. If you refer 10 buyers, you will get a free “Founder Series Model X”. This is not the end of the offer, if you are the first person to refer 10 buyers; you will get the “Model X SUV” free of cost.


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They have started the offer to improve the condition of the company, but instead of improving, this offer has resulted in deprivation of company. Now if people appreciate the model instead of believing them people make fun of them and blame them of deceiving to earn profit.

It is an electric car company. It does not work with dealerships as other automakers do. It has a direct company to customer relationship which means it sells car directly to the buyers. Due to which it is facing a lot of legislative battles which includes the cities Texas and Arizona where Tesla is not allowed to sell its car.

Tesla launched these policies to make it popular and to lure people to join them. If this happens the same way as they have planned, then there would be no need to open new stores down the line. According to them if they sell their car online they would not need new buildings and all the cost related to it, which are the extra charges related to a showroom. Instead of spending on these materials they focus on providing benefits to the customers.

According to Tesla they will keep on bringing new approaches to sell. They will open the store, but the main focus is on opening them in limits to benefit buyers to the maximum. This program is not the last but they will keep on bringing new ideas into light to improve their business.

Though all the programs are launched to give advantage to the customer and improve their company’s sale. It might backfire and instead of trusting them people could start doubting enthusiasts. Watch out next time you start to sing about how cool Model S is :)

What do you think about all this? Would you like to be a customer or rather make fun of all hyping it? Do comment your views as they are precious to us.


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