VW e-Golf – Latest from the Diesel Emission Scandal Hit Volkswagen

Though in the middle of the diesel emissions scandal, Volkswagen came to the Los Angeles Auto Show promoting an electric car, the VW e-Golf.  The German company also brought a fleet of e-Golf battery vehicles and handed over the key to anyone who wished a test drive.

The VW e-Golf is worth the time and money you invest. It deserves the right place in the popular Golf family. Although, it’s an electric car, it doesn’t make any compromise in terms of comfort, performance, cargo space, etc. It looks exactly like the Golf and runs like one. However, similar to other electric cars, it costs little high, takes a big longer to recharge the battery and comes with lesser range.

Volkswagen is not new to the electric car market; it’s been testing various fully electric prototypes since the 1980’s. The company has now entered a crowded electric car market with its latest e-Golf.

The car has a minimum range of 83 miles between charges and the base model, the SE price starts at $29,815. The SEL premium versions of the e-Golf are priced at $36,415.

The company has a clear short term goal for 2016 as it claimed of investing $100 million to push towards the hydrogen cell and electric cars powertrains. Customers who came in to buy the fuel version of the G0lf ended up buying VW e-Golf. It’s the perfect 5 seater electric vehicle with good luggage space. A perfect vehicle for young people who are looking for a simple zero emission cars and for older people who don’t look for anything futuristic.

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