VTech Hack – Hack of Children Details

Temporary Shutdown

The world wide users of Learning Lodge, VTech app store have been affected by temporary unavailability due to the VTech Hack. The investigation process for the VTech hack is the reason for the shutdown. A big deal revealed by VTech recently includes user information of adults, but does not include personal identification data.

Response from the Company

According to the information available from VTech more than 4.8 million parent accounts and the 6.4 million profiles of the kids were affected due to the VTech Hack. The hack is recorded as the fourth major and the largest breach of consumer data. The spokesperson of the company responded when Motherboard reached out for comment as they are not aware of the unauthorized access until the alert. The spokeswoman Jaclyn Falkowski  for  Connecticut’s attorney general said that “The exposure of the scope of the crack is troubling”.

VTech Hack and the Expert View

The Press release by VTech informs that the investigation of the hack was done by the company and found that there was no loss of financial information. The VTech hack includes the chat logs and the children images that are in the database. The security specialist Toy Hunt, who worked closely with the Motherboard, explained the poor security protocols of VTech in a blog. The hacker who hacked the data revealed that he doesn’t publish or sell the data. The parents are advised to change the passwords of their account and the other accounts with similar passwords.


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