USB Post-it notes, are they Really Possible?

If you find yourself forgetful at times, the chances are you use sticky notes to remind you on your daily tasks. But sticky notes can be much more than that, too. They’re often used as part of home décor, featuring motivational and empowering messages and quotes. So, what happens when your simple yet effective sticky note meets bleeding-edge technological advancement?

Data storing sticky notes

According to Aditi Singh and Parang Anand, the future of post it notes is just around the corner. They came up with a unique concept that involves using sticky notes as portable USB drives. Sounds pretty unbelievable, right? But, thanks to the innovative material called graphene, data can be transferred to the thinnest piece of “paper”.

How this works

If you’re wondering about the magic behind the USB post it notes, and the process of storing data on a piece of paper, the solution lies in Optical Data Transfer Surface (ODTS). You’re supposed to stick your smart notes to this surface and automatically be able to store data from the gadget to the post it note. The best thing about ODTS is the fact that these surfaces can be applied on your TV and music system, not just your computer.

So many choices

The cheerful and vibrant selection of colorful post it notes will remain the same when these get turned into portable drives. In that respect, you will still have many options to express your taste and personality. For some people though, the best thing about post it notes becoming USBs is the fact that you’ll still be able to write on them. Definitely brings back the nostalgia that surrounds floppy disks, but with storing possibilities on another level. You’ll still get to choose between the various storing capabilities, from as low as 2GB to current maximum of 32GB.


The stacking system

As you all know, sticky notes come in packs and the same concept is being devised for smart post it notes. This means that you probably won’t have to deal with the annoying issue of running out of storage space. All you have to do is stick another note, and another – stack them all nicely until you have enough storage for all your data.

No stress transfer

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.02.55 AM

Plugging in your USB can’t really be called a struggle, but it can get really annoying, especially if you fail to plug it in precisely a couple of times, or have to move your entire system unit just to get to the USB port. In that respect, USB stickies will save you time and trouble, and allow for quick and effortless data transfer.

Both USB post it notes and ODTS are still in the process of development. But, as the winners of the Red Dot Design Concept Awards 2014, one can be sure that we can expect great things from Aditi Singh and Parang Anand – possibly sooner than later.

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