Uber for laundry? Yes that’s new reality!

Laundromats Hopeful Because of Sudzy On-Demand Delivery App

A “For Rent” sign is becoming all too common for local cleaners. In fact, 10% of local laundromats have closed in the past decade.

Michelle Juo, who owns Michelle Cleaners in Manhattan, NY, said that lack of technology is one of the main struggles laundromats face. She noticed that an on-demand laundry company kept sending trucks to pick up from customers right near her store. These companies are hurting local businesses since they outsource the cleaning to factories outside the city.

Source: pexels.com

Source: pexels.com

Michelle joined a growing network of laundromats that are using Sudzy (www.GetSudzy.com). The Sudzy app allows local cleaners the ability to offer the convenience of on-demand pickup to their customers for the first time.

“My customers love being able to press one button to notify me that they want me to pick up their clothing,” Michelle shared.

With growing concerns that non-local on-demand companies are losing customers’ clothing, Sudzy is providing an exciting alternative for New Yorkers who want the convenience of on-demand mixed with the high quality that only local businesses provide.

Sudzy is growing rapidly around the United States and Europe. Laundromats that would like to join the platform are welcome to sign up here https://www.sudzy.co/contact.html.

Customers receive $10 off their first pickup when they sign up at www.GetSudzy.com.


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