Twitter Users Suffered Again: The Overnight Massive Outage

Users of twitter suffered for another day on Tuesday due to the overnight massive outage. Social media becomes a part of everyone’s life. Daily updates has become most of the social media user’s habitual work. Even some people use a lot of social media as they seem to be getting addicted to it. Sharing their thoughts, photos, videos which reduce miles of distance through the social media is the greatest advantage. With Twitter outage, it really did affect users badly.



Reports on the Rebound:

The rebound of Twitter affected its users who suffered without any access to the social network due to the overnight massive outage. Several reports states that the outage begun on Tuesday around 3 a.m.ET. Right after the outage there werent any access to the site or had limited access.  Every user got error message when they tried to access the site. Tweetdeck and Tweetbot (third-party apps) also were affected due to this massive outage.

A status update on the overnight, massive outage:

Twitter acknowledged the issue of the overnight, massive outage. The Twitter’s status update on Tuesday confirmed the acknowledgment. The update regarding user issues on gaining access states that, ” They are aware of the outage issue and are working on it to find a resolution to solve the outage”.

Past Outages and resolutions:

The past outages on Twitter were solved quickly. Intermittent access is rare in the case of the social network (Twitter). From recent status update by Twitter, the overnight, massive outage has been there over past four months. It lasted around 15-45 minutes.

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