Toyota’s Revolutionary Invention – Blaid for Visually Impaired

Toyota corporation has done a spectacular invention Blaid, a technical device to help visually impaired people. It starts  a new revolution that would one day help visually impaired people see like us.



The revolutionary device uses a camera inbuilt in its design, in order to facilitate the movement and enable visually impaired people navigate without the help of others.  Navigation of this unit is done with the help of loudspeakers and vibration.

Further research is done by Toyota  for the basic aiming the project retro fitted with technology for mapping and recognizing faces, and identification of objects. This would significantly ease the lives of the visually impaired.

This project was made in cooperation with the community of visually impaired persons of the United States. It has just revealed to the public, but has not yet been released for the use of the broad masses. The aim is to bring the project to perfection and to operate without errors, but because of the complexity of the project, the release date is not revealed yet.

Toyota is committed to provide mobility and freedom of movement for all, without limitation, as well as to enrich the lives of people around the world. People who have impaired vision have not been able to experience all the beauty offered to them, but with this project which will pay tribute to all the visually impaired people across the world as an opportunity for them to see the world we see. This new technology might even go so far that one day enable visually impaired persons independently manage and cars.

Note: To learn about this revolutionary project click, Blaid

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